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  • Ebbo Gospels

    Library or archive where the manuscript kept
    Epernay, Bibliothèque Municipale
    Catalogue Number (Shelfmark)
    Ms. 1

    Early Carolingian illuminated Gospel book known for an unusual, energetic style of illustration. The book was produced in the ninth century at the Benedictine abbey of Hautvillers, near Reims.

    The Gospel book contains a poem to Ebbo (also spelled Ebo), and so is dated within the time he was archbishop, usually to the period c. 816-835 before he was deposed. Ebbo also held Rheims from 840-841 and the Gospel book may have been made for his return. The book produced under the patronage of had a direct influence on Carolingian art and the course of medieval art.


    Ebbo Gospels Illustrations

    Illustration 1
    Ebbo Gospels - Initial page to Gospel of St. Matthew with large initial letterPage (Folio): 19r

    Initial page to Gospel of St. Matthew with large initial letter

    Vector Clipart
    Vector Clipart: Ebbo Gospels - Initial page to Gospel of St


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